Air Pump Valve Corporation

Floatless Non Electric Level Controls
for Air Operated Pumps

In Use Throughout the World

Model #1010 Controls 1-1/2" to 3" Pumps

(See Typical Applications for Model #1010 and 1010R)

Control Pumps in Sumps as Shallow as 12 Inches

Fill Overhead Tanks

Control Pinch Valves, Cylinders and Other Pneumatic Equipment

Packaged systems Available

Key Benefits of Model #1010

ENERGY SAVING Reliable On-Off Control of Air Driven Pumps conserves costly compressed air & saves pump parts.
NON BUBBLING Design eliminates constant 24-hr/day usage of instrument air.
RELIABLE No moving parts in contact with the liquid being sensed. Thousands of Units in Use Since 1978.
FLOATLESSWorks in foamy, "gunky," turbulent areas where other controls fail. Operates on any liquid that will rise and fall by gravity in the 4" sensing tube.
NON ELECTRICNo costly wiring. One trade installs and services.
EXPLOSION RESISTANTAll pneumatic design allows use in hazardous areas.
FREQUENT CYCLINGPumps away suspended materials before they settle and harden.

Model #3500 TG
High Level Shut-Off Valve for Waste Oil Tanks Using Air Operated Pumps

(See Typical Applications for Model #3500TG)

Model #3500TG has Built-In Steel Sensing Tube

Model #3500TGRP has Remote PVC Sensing Tube. (Tube and Control may be up to 250 Ft apart.)

Key Benefits of Model #3500TG


Floatless non-electric design has no moving parts in dirty waste oil. Assures long life and reliability.
Shuts off feed pump at high level, and sounds an adjustable air whistle alarm.
Unique visual indicator warns customer when down to last 8" of tank capacity. Tells customer to call waste oil hauler before the tank is full, and assures uninterrupted service.
Unit works with single or double wall tanks up to 12" thick.
Positive On-Off design eliminates constant air leakage. This saves energy and prevents unnecessary compressor starts.
Manual test button allows system check at any time.

Model #3500 Controls 1/4" to 1" Pumps

Floatless Non Electric Control for Pumps, Alarms and Processes

(See Typical Applications for Model #3500)

Model #3500 for Pump Control - Select either the CD 5" or WD 10" On-Off Differential Model

Model #3500 ALM normally open control for High Level Shut Off on waste oil tanks and tank filling applications

Key Benefits of Model #3500

Crisp On-Off
Standard 3-Way Design
Field Changeable from 5" to 10" Differential
No Pump Slowdown at End of Cycle
Dumps Air Line Pressure between Control & Pump on Shutdown to help prevent Pump Stalling
One Model Does It All!

Model #1015C


for Air Operated Pumps both Piston and Diaphragm Types - This Unit makes transfer operations semi-automatic by preventing pumping of air into lines and processes.

(See Drawing and Information for Model #1015C & CW)

Shuts off air supply to pump when pump breaks suction and begins to run dry.

Pump shutdown is immediate, often within one to two strokes.

Pump shutdown is positive, no slow cycling after shutdown.

Fits pumps with 3/4" NPT air inlet or smaller.

Pump restarts with the push of a button.

1015CW gives air whistle/alarm on pump shut down.

Key Benefits of Model #1015C & CW

ENERGY SAVING Prevents pump from running dry and wasting costly compressed air
PUMP SAVING A pump running dry wastes parts, and requires more service
NON ELECTRICNo costly wiring
EXPLOSION RESISTANTAll pneumatic design allows use in hazardous areas

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